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My husband bought me a massage from New Moon Salon in Lafayette, CO which turned out to be a scam. The Salon allegedly went out of business right after the certificate was purchased. I notice they still advertise on the Living Social website so apparently, Living Social makes no effort to vet their sellers. Trying to get a refund online is a circular maze that never gets you to a place to get a refund. I have spent 3 hours the past 2 days... Read more

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I ordered a bed sheet set which should have included a comforter in the description - I did not get the complete set and I have sent an email complaint (to several email addresses) since August 2013 and it is now Jan 2014, I have resent my several emails and there is still no reply. The case is the same with a juicer I bought that did NOT work from Day 1! So they basically steal your money because despite several emails, there has been no... Read more

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Beware artificially low prices advertised on LivingSocial. We purchased something that should have been $150 after gratuity and then discovered, after purchase of course, that the merchant expected us to pay as much as twice that amount just to receive what we thought we already paid for. Beware the fine print because it is can be used to mislead you into bait and switch techniques that will leave you feeling the fool. And LivingSocial doesn't... Read more

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I purchased a voucher for a house cleaning service from Living Social. The company emailed me at 12:30AM to cancel on the day they were supposed to show up and clean. I was also told they wouldn't be able to come and clean for another three weeks. Since that email, I have heard nothing else from them and they won't call me back. (BTW-I had a huge gathering planned for my children, and was left with a dirty house.) Living Social promoted this... Read more

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I purchased a coupon to clean carpets. Shortly after that I decided to get new carpets. I just wanted to exchange my certificate for another. Shortly after my purchase Living Social had internal problems, disconnecting their phone service and not responding to my e-mails. I was unable to make contact for over a month and 1/2. Once I made contact I was told it was too late for an exchange. Now I am out $50. There are numerous other sites that... Read more

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I had used groupon and they were okay. When I had problems, they stood behind their product. So I decided to try livingsocial. Unfortunately I tried livingsocial for a present! I can't tell you the humiliation when I showed up at the business and was told that I was getting something different than I paid for. They told me that I was not the only one who had misunderstood what was promised and they said it was all livingsocial. The customer... Read more

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Livingsocial sold me 2 car valet vouchers at £24 each. Nowhere did it say that they were not valid at weekends, and I phoned to check it would be valid at weekends within the 7 day cancellation period and it was confirmed it was. When weekend use was suspended the voucher was useless to me. when I found this out, Living Social did not answer emails and had 20 minute plus wait times on their phones and when I got through they told me albeit... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 1 is scammer that likes to use UNCLEAR INFORMATIONS about the deal to, added by their statement to TRICK Customer. Not really reliable websites. Stay away from There are already many many customers pissed by the way they describe their products. In pass, they even be more SCAM about their coupons they sell in website Please, please STAY AWAY from this scam company :... Read more

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Often Scam people by giving unclear and complicated explanations about the DEAL. The surface sounds so sweet. BUT DONT BELIEVE. I would be better to be told the Clear info about the deal rather than to be LIED. THen claimed they have told the detail about the info for the deal, behind, in hidden tabs. At the front note they made it clear the deal was like they mentioned BUT it was not like that actually. You have to be... Read more

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This company has horrible customer service! I wanted to see a final price on a trip prior to making my decision, and instead of showing me a final price or even asking if I was certain I wanted to purchase the $700+ trip for two to Cancun, the website charged the $727 to my credit card THEY KEPT ON FILE automatically. I cancelled the purchase immediately, but when i called the company but my card was instantaneously charged the money. When I... Read more

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